Clinical Trial Workflow Software

Judi is the collaboration platform for all your workflows, streamlining the clinical trials process, empowering the whole ecosystem, and bringing new therapies to patients, faster, while staying compliant with regulations.

Judi makes workflow, flow.

Bringing a therapy to market is complex and costly. Billions of dollars and thousands of hours are spent seeking regulatory approval, but only a handful of innovative therapies make it to patients. Unnecessary friction and inefficiency in the process limit the pace of progress.

Judi helps clinical trial teams around the world come together to seamlessly manage complex workflows, interactions and insights, allowing them to do their best work.

One platform, designed to enhance and optimize your clinical trial workflows.

One collaboration platform, flexing to your needs, and freeing you to do your best work: not simply unencumbered, but accelerated. Judi's cloud based solutions platform supports trial sites, sponsors, CROs, and other partners on a range of workflows specific to clinical trial management. Built in close collaboration with our many partners, it is designed for you, and can be used to enable and streamline all use cases.

Eliminating manual processes, unaudited tools (e.g. spreadsheets), untrackable queries (e.g. email), and unconnected sharing (e.g. “Sharepoint”) to drive trial speed, efficiency, adaptability, and quality.

These concepts are fundamental to Judi:

Client Centricity

We understand off the shelf solutions are not built to meet your specific needs, and developing bespoke solutions can be both costly and time consuming.  For that reason, we offer a range of focused, innovative solutions designed to deliver your desired business outcomes, while adapting to your workflows.

Orchestrated Collaboration

We operate in a complex ecosystem, with data shared across multiple stakeholders at different points in time. We know integration is critical, so we seamlessly connect teams, sites and partners across the journey, enabling extensive collaboration.

Robust Simplicity

Clinical trial workflows can be complex and time consuming, especially if done manually.  We recognize and reduce complexity to enable a more seamless, transparent and tailored experience.

Efficient & Secure Workflows

Manual processes can compromise clinical trial data security. We use purposeful automation with leading security to ensure optimized process management and deeper insights.

Our Impact

Our solutions are used by 19 of the 20 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world along with top CROs, leading to hundreds of breakthrough therapies:

What Judi can do for you

Enhance collaboration across your global clinical trial ecosystem

Life Sciences processes require extensive data to flow back and forth between stakeholders, participants, and decision makers. Unfortunately, the lack of transparency in the data flow often inhibits speed of decision making. This, in turn, lengthens the duration of clinical trials, results in unnecessary expenditures, and delays the ultimate delivery of therapeutics to patients.

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Built-in compliance with regulatory requirements

Life Sciences companies face significant, daily pressure from regulatory requirements. They struggle to address the needs of regulators and remain compliant. Growth in decentralized clinical trials increases the need for oversight of new processes and workflows to ensure compliance.

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Increased data security and a secure environment

Investigator sites must routinely deal with confidentiality, data privacy and integrity. They must ensure that any Personal Health Information (PHI) is anonymized before data is shared across a complex clinical trial ecosystem of stakeholders and decision makers. Data in clinical trials must be supported by a secure environment where the right stakeholders with the proper credentials can query and gain insight from the data to ensure faster, and better, decision making.

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Automate processes with modern workflow technology

Paper-based approaches to clinical trial data collection and distribution place significant time, cost, and resource burdens on organizations. They are also prone to errors and may cause rejection by regulatory boards. Quality data exchanges between entities remain difficult and are often costly to implement.

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We put the flow back into workflow, flexing to your needs, freeing you to do your best work, not simply unencumbered, but accelerated.
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