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The team behind Judi is on a mission to empower the ecosystems that drive clinical trial success by improving their workflows.

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Streamlining process management for more than 15 years

Judi empowers the doers, clinical trial leaders and medical innovators, with streamlined process management, allowing them to focus on what they do best, providing breakthrough treatments and products. We remove unnecessary cost and effort, introducing greater control, enabling transparency, and allowing seamless collaboration, which speeds the time to market.

AG Mednet has built Judi, a collaboration platform for clinical trials, in close collaboration with our many partners. Judi's cloud-based solutions platform supports trial sites, sponsors, CROs, and other partners on a range of workflows specific to clinical trial management.

Empowers the doers, the clinical trial leaders and the medical innovators

Judi helps clinical trial teams around the world come together to seamlessly manage complex workflows, interactions and insights. We put the flow back into workflow, flexing to your needs, freeing you to do your best work, not simply unencumbered, but accelerated.


Abraham Gutman
President and CEO
Abraham Gutman
President and CEO

Abraham founded AG Mednet in 2005 after selling his previous company to AT&T. He is a technologist with 35 years of experience in the conception, implementation and sales of advanced software systems and platforms in fields including Telecommunications and Life Sciences. He holds a B.A. in Computer Science from Cornell, and an M.S. in Computer Science (AI) from Yale.

Brian Zabin
Chief Operations Officer
Brian Zabin
Chief Operations Officer

Brian initially came to AG Mednet in 2007 from the Boston Consulting Group where he was a Principal in the healthcare and life sciences practices. Brian launched AG Mednet into Clinical Trials. Starting in 2009, he served as a diplomat working on critical trade, foreign, and disarmament policy negotiations globally. He rejoined AG Mednet as COO in 2020. Brian served as a Captain in the US Marine Corps and holds a B.S. in Engineering from Trinity College and an MBA from the Sloan School at MIT.

Doug Steinfeld
Chief Technology Officer
Doug Steinfeld
Chief Technology Officer

Doug joined AG Mednet in 2008 bringing to the company his vast experience in the design, development and release of fault-tolerant, high-availability systems. Architecting Judi for scale and reliability, Doug has been a pioneer in the industry in bringing advanced cloud technology to ensure both scale and cost efficiencies, incorporating advanced cloud tools for network monitoring, fast release processes and advanced storage solutions. Doug previously held managerial positions at Stratus Computer, DEC and Maptech. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.

Mike Svinte
Chief Commercial Officer
Mike Svinte
Chief Commercial Officer

Mike joined AG Mednet in 2021. A global business executive at IBM for 20 years, Svinte had leadership responsibilities for a multibillion-dollar healthcare and life sciences business. He led numerous global IBM healthcare initiatives, including launch of IBM Watson Health, led WW business development for IBM Life Sciences, and led IBM’s Information-Based Medicine startup health venture. Mike also led commercial teams as SVP for Medidata and CCO for SAP Health. He began his career at P&G in brand management and holds a B.B.A. from the University of Michigan School of Business.

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Our Global Help Desk is available 24x7x365 to support users around the world.

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