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Daily Judi: Monday, January 23, 2023

Every day we scan the headlines for the best items that engage the clinical trial ecosystem, workflow solutions, and more—all the latest news you need to know. Here are today's stories:

Citing two studies published in Nature Medicine, Imperial College London looks at wearable technology and AI that predict disease progression in rare movement disorders. (Neuroscience News)

Neha Mathur examines clinical trials investigating treatments for post-acute COVID-19 syndrome. (News Medical)

The NIH National Institute on Aging produced a video as part of its initiative to promote diversity in clinical trial participants. (YouTube)

The 14th annual SCOPE Summit 2023, will take place February 6–9, 2023, in Orlando, Florida, where the clinical research community gathers to discuss continued innovation and collaboration. Team AG Mednet will be there!

Our Culture

“I’ve been at the company over seven years, and it’s been really cool to watch the company grow and continue to increase how we help our clients. One of the many things I like about my job is that it’s not always the same thing every day, because each client is unique. It makes every day interesting.

Judi is a platform. It’s an adjudication tool, but it’s also more. It’s a whole collaborative workflow process tool. It works with DSMB, Eligibility, anything.”

   –Stephen, Lead Engineer

About Judi

Judi speeds and improves the world's clinical trial workflows. Our cloud-based platform has 120,000 users across 168 countries. We eliminate the chaos so clinical teams can focus on the patient, rather than the process. We are a SOC 2 Type II certified collaboration platform.

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