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Daily Judi: Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Every day we scan the headlines for the best items that engage the clinical trial ecosystem, workflow solutions, and more—all the latest news you need to know. Here are today's stories:

With advances in data science, wearable technology, and AI, pediatric oncologist Dr. Vivek Subbiah explores the time ahead for clinical trials. He writes, "The success of future clinical trials requires a fundamental transformation in how trials are designed, conducted, monitored, adapted, reported and regulated to generate the best evidence." (Nature Medicine)

Nick Paul Taylor looks at a new study assessing 80,917 clinical trial records, which indicated a rise in phase 2 terminations. (Fierce Biotech)

Dr. Lori Wirth of Massachusetts General Hospital, and Associate Professor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School, discusses the design and results of two clinical trials for advanced thyroid cancer treatments. (Targeted Oncology)

The 14th annual SCOPE Summit 2023, will take place February 6–9, 2023, in Orlando, Florida, where the clinical research community gathers to discuss continued innovation and collaboration. Team AG Mednet will be there!

Our Culture

“We are small enough that we are nimble, so we can prioritize quickly, yet also of significant size that we allocate resources where needed. We truly do a lot. This is my dream job. Judi allows me to have a bigger impact. And we do great work.”

   –Jess, Program Manager

About Judi

Judi speeds and improves the world's clinical trial workflows. Our cloud-based platform has 120,000 users across 168 countries. We eliminate the chaos so clinical teams can focus on the patient, rather than the process. We are a SOC 2 Type II certified collaboration platform.

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