Meet AG Mednet's Pinkal Patel, Project Manager

Meet AG Mednet: Thursday, December 14, 2023

In our bi-weekly feature, Meet AG Mednet, we get to know the people behind AG Mednet's Judi Collaboration Platform, which makes the world's clinical trials workflows, flow.

Meet Pinkal Patel, Project Manager, Trial Delivery

Pinkal Patel, Project Manager, Trial Delivery

What brought you to AG Mednet?

AG Mednet offers a wonderful combination of supporting clinical trials and creating technology, which are both significant avenues I really wanted to pursue in the beginning years of my professional career. AGM’s innovative and progressive business approach stood out, and grabbed my attention. The people at AGM are some of the best people I have worked with.

What do you like most about the company and your job?

I love working with my peers who have added so much to my professional growth. I absolutely love building client relationships and internal collaborations to further help innovate and streamline the clinical trials process.

What’s on your headphones now—what music is on your playlist?

Taylor Swift is on a heavy rotation for me! I also listen to self-development podcasts on a regular basis.

Any career advice for people starting in this industry?

Be courageous, get out of your comfort zone, and be resilient and you will persevere. Being ready and always open to new ideas, new processes, and new innovation will boost your professional growth exponentially.

About Judi

AG Mednet is revolutionizing the clinical trial process through Judi, the innovative and award-winning clinical trial collaboration platform. Designed to empower the ecosystems that drive clinical research, Judi streamlines workflows, facilitates communication, and accelerates the development of novel therapies for patients. The proven Judi platform is trusted by 19 of the top 20 global biopharmaceutical sponsors and 5 of the top 6 global CROs. Additionally, the Judi platform enables clinical teams worldwide to come together seamlessly, ensuring the highest standards of data integrity and compliance.

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