Judi for Adjudication

Adjudication System for Clinical Trials

Pain point

Complex processes required to determine outcomes can slow down a clinical trial and result in difficult to follow or failed studies.


Judi for Adjudication can help automate, expedite and improve outcomes and the endpoint adjudication process in your clinical trial.

A unique solution for endpoint adjudication

Judi for Adjudication is designed from the ground up to support investigator sites, CROs, data managers, CEC members and sponsors who submit, collect, manage, organize and adjudicate clinical endpoint data.

Your adjudication workflow

Adjudication is a collection of your unique workflows applying to different event types, organizing activities and optimizing tasks while ensuring the quality of data in the system. Stakeholders can concentrate on analysis while Judi handles the management of the entire process.

Intuitive interfaces for Investigators

Trial coordinators benefit from an intuitive interface that facilitates the collection, de-identification and submission of event-specific documents for review and dossier aggregation. A powerful query management system with configurable notifications and reminders ensures that tasks don’t linger and processes can move efficiently.

Global views for CRO Reviewers & Data Managers

Trial managers take advantage of a global view of all their projects, seeing at a glance the state of every event in the system. With an ability to communicate directly with sites, adjudicators, and committees, CROs can keep track of their entire endpoint adjudication workflow, enabling them to keep processes running efficiently.

Enabling Adjudicator collaboration

Adjudicators benefit from robust dossiers which are easy to navigate. With access to advanced eCRFs that enable them to perform evaluations, vote or request additional information from trial managers, these key opinion leaders can work asynchronously while Judi keeps track of all their activities.

Seamless Clinical Event Committees

Committee chairs have access to tools and data enabling them to rapidly see where there is adjudicator discordance, enabling them to guide discussion and make final determinations accurately and efficiently.

Introducing Sponsors Without Bias

Sponsors are provided with multiple options to view the state of their trials, as well as subsets of data and status enabling them to follow progress without violating bias constraints established by the protocol and charter.

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Key Features


Create customized workflows per event type, even within a single protocol or program

Electronic Case Report Forms

Enable eCRFs with advanced edit checks and data validation capabilities at any point in the process


Integrated tools enabling removal of protected health information (PHI) from document submissions

Query Management

Manage all event-related queries within the system and keep a log of all interactions


Advanced email and web-service notifications to users based on their role

Audit Logging

Robust and compliant audit logging of all actions within Judi

Medical Imaging

Upload, de-identify, store and review medical images as part of endpoint or event submission

Role-to-Role Communications

Specific roles or groups to chat about a case or a project, detailed audit log of all interactions

Robust Reporting Infrastructure

Library of commonly-used reports to provide visibility to a given project’s status or status across a number of projects in a program. Ad hoc reports.

Dashboards and Worklists

Standard and customizable dashboards to help users visualize worklists, case status and project health


Communicate with EDC and safety systems through a well-defined web-services API

Case Study
Judi delivers crucial adjudication for ICON under tight deadline

ICON’s Independent Data Monitoring Committee & Event Adjudication group needed an electronic adjudication system to support a client’s urgent deliverable for regulatory submission. Two separate, identical, customized electronic adjudication system databases were required to support adjudication of 800 events, across two programs, and 99 individual protocols. All event adjudication activities and data deliveries needed to be completed within six weeks.


The ICON team selected AG Mednet’s Judi, a web-based, regulatory-compliant, controlled, customizable electronic adjudication system, that provides transparency of end-to-end adjudication processes for each event. AG Mednet’s experts provided collaborative support to both the ICON Data Monitoring Committee & Event Adjudication team and its client, accurately capturing database requirements and reporting. AG Mednet swiftly completed all programming/validation activities, and delivered the customized Judi databases within one week, ready for event adjudication.


Judi’s intuitive navigation and simplified user experience allowed the ICON team to efficiently complete adjudication of all 800 events and deliver results to the client within the six-week timeline. The established relationships and professional collaboration were instrumental in meeting this timeline.

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