Judi for Imaging

Medical Imaging Workflow Solutions

Pain point

When your processes include the collection or evaluation of medical images, your workflows can come to a grinding halt. Handling DICOM files, ensuring proper de-identification and reliable transfer can be demanding and fraught with errors and delays.


Collect clinical trial image data, and properly anonymize it to ensure regulatory compliance. Apply advanced, automated quality-assurance rules to ensure the data is protocol-compliant and readily usable. Process medical images through flexible workflows including evaluations, eCRF creation and reporting.

A unique solution for imaging workflows

Whether you are collecting MRI, CT, angiography, ultrasound or any other DICOM modality, using our global infrastructure ensures that your data moves with speed and security from investigator sites around the globe to our cloud repositories or your own - cloud based or not.

Guide Image Management Processes

Judi for Imaging enables sponsors, core laboratories and CROs to guide the process from collection to interpretation and reporting, ensuring every step is followed by every participant, from investigator site to image QC and evaluation, ensuring that image data is properly de-identified, received, interpreted and stored.

Follow and Integrate Image Data Seamlessly

Enable all forms of medical images in any format, from DICOM to pathology to be managed through its own processes, or embedded as part of other workflows.

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Key Features

Workflow Management

Create customized workflows per visit


Automatically remove protected health information (PHI)

Automated QC Checks

Preserve data quality and integrity at every step of the process

Cross-Study Reporting

Run commonly-used reports to gain visibility of project or program-wide cross-project status

Storage Services

Upload, de-identify, store and review medical images as part of endpoint or event submission

EDC/CTMS Integration

Communicate with EDC and safety systems through a well-defined web-services API

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