Judi for Site and User Qualification

Automated Quality Assurance in Clinical Trials

Pain point

Sites must be qualified before working on a study and granted access to systems, otherwise your workflows can come to a grinding halt. With no real-time status updates, or audit logs, managing site and user qualifications has been complex and cumbersome to maintain.


Simplify and automate Site and User Qualification. Apply advanced, automated quality-assurance rules to ensure automatic notification of user status, and real-time dashboards. All trial documentation is available to users, and a complete audit log. KPI reports across entire portfolio.

A unique solution for site and user qualification workflows

Judi for Site and User Qualification simplifies and automates the process, offering central, realtime management within the Judi platform.

Guide management processes, report user training and site qualification, and reduce overhead

Enables Sponsors and CRO teams to centrally manage global site and user qualification processes, including system training, data collection, and reporting, ensuring every step is followed by every site and user. With Judi for Site and User Qualification, you can configure workflows to require proper training both prior to having access to the live trial and at any point in the future if processes change. The solution will give you access to compliance actions with real-time tracking and historical reporting. as well as provide centralized real-time access to all trial documentation.

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Key Features

Dashboards & Reports

Real-time dashboards display the status of qualification WIP

Open/resolved queries

User actions are captured with a complete audit log

KPI reports across entire portfolio of trials

Security & Control

Encryption at all times

Site ability to delete records

HIPAA / GDPR compliant storage

PHI Management

Advanced de-identification functions


Audit logged real-time chat function

Embedded query system

Email notifications and calls to action

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