Partnership Success Story

US-based biopharma leverages scalability of Judi for Imaging

Crucial New Therapies

For clinical studies to achieve success, it is essential to have a seamless flow of extensive data among stakeholders, participants, and decision-makers. However, the challenges faced in trial design and the use of complex or archaic tools can result in data flow errors, introduce statistical noise in research, and impede the speed and accuracy of decision-making. Consequently, this not only leads to increased costs and durations of clinical trials, with loss of patient or site participation, but also causes delays in delivering crucial new therapies that can significantly enhance the lives of patients.

The Problem

A United States-based biopharmaceutical company required a flexible solution for a clinical study to test the safety and efficacy of a novel therapy designed to improve outcomes of patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), which is the most common type of lung cancer in the United States, accounting for 81% of all lung cancer diagnoses, annually affecting over two million people worldwide. The success of the sponsor's trial will provide a new treatment option for clinicians to support patients—and in conjunction with other therapies, create a potentially life-saving treatment for people with NSCLC.

The Situation

The biopharma sponsor chose Judi for Imaging for its agile deployment, rapid upload and retrieval, and secure storage of various medical images, such as CT scans, videos, source document PDFs, and advanced de-identification of DICOM data. After experiencing the effectiveness of the Judi platform, the sponsor requested an innovative solution to incorporate two additional simultaneous trials into a single database, while eliminating the risk of user upload errors.

Enhanced Collaboration

Employing AG Mednet’s CORE principalsClient Centricity, Orchestrated Collaboration, Robust Simplicity, and Efficient and Secure Workflows, Judi helps clinical trial teams around the world come together to seamlessly manage complex interactions and insights, allowing them to do their best work, faster.

Along with a secure and fast imaging workflow, the Judi Collaboration Platform provided an efficient way for the biopharma sponsor to manage its sites and patient data, and enabled the sponsor to include two additional concurrent trials with built-in edit checks that eliminated user upload errors. Because the Judi Collaboration Platform is fully configured to meet the needs of the sponsor's workflows, the trial was adjusted without losing patient eligibility, data, or adding months to the trials. The purpose-built Judi Collaboration Platform saved the sponsor significant time and expense, and loss of vital patient data.

Tyler Mitchell, Senior Project Manager, Trial Delivery

"This Imaging study is completely unique, incorporating three trials in a unified database, and demanded innovation, eliminating the possibility of user error. No other platform could offer the sponsor a fully-configured solution like Judi by AG Mednet." 

                Tyler Mitchell, Senior Project Manager, Trial Delivery

About AG Mednet

AG Mednet is revolutionizing the clinical trial process through Judi, the innovative and award-winning clinical trial collaboration platform. Designed to empower the ecosystems that drive clinical research, Judi streamlines workflows, facilitates communication, and accelerates the development of novel therapies for patients. The proven Judi platform is trusted by 19 of the top 20 global biopharmaceutical sponsors and 5 of the top 6 global CROs. Additionally, the Judi platform enables clinical teams worldwide to come together and seamlessly manage complex workflows in endpoint adjudication, eligibility, data safety monitoring, medical imaging, and other mission-critical areas of clinical development.

To learn more about Judi by AG Mednet, please contact the company at

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